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We just moved onto a new "MEGA SERVER"!!! as you can see - we've still gotta work out some kinks... plug in's
'n get the video's up and and and ...
We're Takin' Pic's !!!     We're Takin' Clips!!!
Send 'em Here and we'll see how it goes............
U tube's got nothin' on us.
Laters ~

Perfect timing Collin!! It's the question of the day!!
'nd Thanks! - Your Pic's are AWESOME!

I was looking at your website and wondering how it works exactly.

Do you basically just put people up that are looking for sponsors? Or do you do the sponsoring yourself? If its either of the two then im interested in whatever you've got going here.
I'm an aggressive inliner and i've been skating for about 4 years and I'm 15 years old. I've included some pictures so you can see that im know my way around skates. And from what I've been told from quite alot of people I am much better than most.
Sincerely, Collin

frontflip(oneway)- Collin

frontsidehandrailup - Collin

launchoverspecner. - Collin


Hey Hotrails.
Theres a lil vid of me doin a crappy Unity down a 6 set.


Backyard Air
Yo, my name is Austin, and i'm from st. augustine, FL...I''ve been looking for a sponsor forever and now I found you guys (thank god&and shane) but yeah here's some pics of me skating some local spots...and Kona. P.S.~roll 4 life, roll or die, roll 4 fun, i dont care, i roll cause it's my life now!

Austin - nice


Xgrindg - Randelles

Skate Clothes and Gear
I am 21 years old, female. I have been aggressive skating for about 6 years now. I love it and I can't get enough of it! They are finally building a skatepark where I live. I think I'm the only girl skater in my town, I hope to see more come out! I hope you enjoy my video, yes, I was really excited to land that move.
Thanks 4 chekin them out.
- Randelle

PIC0026.gif - 29915 Bytes

ave a look at the attachment ../2003pics/Pic0008.gif - 46869 Bytes

an oh yea could u send me a email back on telling me how tio get a spot on this page

Would if i could but yur addy's defunct! ...
A. Yur up ...
B. Send us some Bio info and a legit addy ...
we'll hook it together .. these pics are awesome!

Far safety

Please Post these Pics on your site!!!
Hey Hotrails,   Its Rick from Alabama. Upgraded Mizsou on my rail

Im 15 and have been skating for about a yr. and a half.

The skating in Alabama sucks but I still roll for life! This is one of the spots that I can skate without getting harassed. (At least not too much)...Email me back If u put my pix up.

Upgraded Mizsou on my rail

hi my name is robert - i am 11 years old and i am looking for a sponsor and i know alot of tricks i can do a kick flip a casper i can 50 50 a rail i can board slide i can 5.0 i can nose slide so if you could get back to me ...

~G~ - Yur right on!!
Please post this on your site
If your looking to get sponsored just to get the glory and get rich quick, then your looking for all the wrong reasons. If your looking to get sponsored caus you love the sport thats a different story. But dont expect it to happen over nite just practice alot and it might happen.
If anyone wants to talk about skating my aim screename is roller4life6887 and my email is ~G~
P.S. I'll send some pics next time and to the kid who was agreeing with air jordan femme how bout putting your money where your mouth is... send some pics in

Skate Clothes and Gear

hey what is up... hey listen man i have been skatein for like 4 years and i am 14 and i am like alot more better then these kids that u put on here.. not sayen they arent gonna be good when they get older, or i am not sayen that i am the best skter in the world but why are they sayen that they are gonna be sponcered soon and i have been s8en for 4 years and it is soooooooooo hard to get sponcered even with my bio 720 they wont proababy sponcer me but hey just wanted to shout that out but some of the peeps that u put on here a mad good but hey it is just my opinion so give me a shout back aight u might see my on this web page so aight PEACE OUttttt >soulsk8er4eva<
Yeah so maybe yur right .. 'n maybe yur good too .. got any picd ta back it up? .. send 'em in .. ya never know ...

and Speaking of "Sponsorship Opinions" .... a while back we got a neg E from Carbonite ... talking 'bout not even trying out for sponsorship .... for whatever reason ... well he's reconsidered .. and sent in another post. Now that's EXTREMELY cool!!    Here it is:

to whomever was offended in any way by my last post on this page,
i am sorry. I still dont think those in question have a chance in hell of getting sponsorship RIGHT NOW, but that doesnt mean u will never be sposored. In fact I'd be happy if that last post was the incentive for any of the future Latimers and Guerreros out there to eventually reach the lofty heights of proffesional skating. I realise now that my writings were really stupid and negative. Dont listen to me, keep dreaming of being the best, and one day u might get there. BUT dont forget, the no1 aim of skating is FUN. not to be rich and famous.

hey guys. my name is trace. im 14 and ive been skating for 2 years. im better than most of the junk on this page. i dont have a pic right now, but im gonna send in some of my stuff. i can do handrails and other stuff, but i need some help on handicap rails. those things scare the heck out of me. i gotta go, but when i get some pics, ill send them in. aight, ill send yall my stuff   lata

punk lives on

SEnd 'em in Dogg .. We're waitin' on 'em !

international skater and pictures

i got PICS!   (left)
hello there!!!
im El Guille from caracas Venezuela..
so i hope you like this photo
Yeah we do ... real SWEET! - Thanks!

Hey.. Check this idea sent in from Chris "Downunda" .. We're thinkin' it's pretty solid ... as in Doable .. we got the forum part over on SWEET SWaP!! 'n we could roll out a sect. for it .. Hook it into Sk8chat for real time ... and HoOK-Me-UP!! to blow out the word ... "The WALL" over on Hot LINX to feature everyone's Team site...What do you all think? ..

hey, sup
my names chris,
i live in sydney, nsw, and im 14 yrs old.
I rekon ur site is wiked. I was wonderin, if u think its a good idea, that u should start a team up. We dont get n e thing, we just get to meet heaps of new ppl, and we can encourage and teach ppl how to do things via e-mail and stuff. That means that our team would b in lots a places, like usa, australia, england and so on.
Well i was also just wondering, could u please send me some basic plans on how to make launch ramps, good rails and some other things that aren't to difficult to make, thanx alot. Im an ok rollerblader, i can do both street and vert. I like street more, but i dont focus on grinds as much as i do on big stalls and stairs. I can 540 3 stairs and 360 mute 4. i can also 180 grab down 7. I can do some grinds, but only the basic ones. well i hope u reply, catcha ya later, cya go hard- from chris

OK -First .. in terms of ramp plans ... Drew's never let any of his go public...something about they pay the rent .... so ok .. Here's a pretty good source that we've found for plans and stuff .. 'n you can print 'em out ... Kewel!
And then... We get this e-mail right behind Chris' idea mail ... pretty "prophetic" ... (as in prophet .. sage ... fortune teller .. like... gotta keep training the brain .. us skaters are nobody's fool)

This way to Sk8Chat

I just wanted to say ur site is awesome. I was wondering how i could join your team? I have been looking aruond for awhile for teams, but i haven't seen any teams remotly as kick ass as your team looks. I live in richmond, virginia (usa) and I have been skatin for 3 years. I'm 15 right now. Mail me back please -roxanne

topside sould

hey wassup guys i am 15 and i am from Miami FL i have been skating for about a year or 2 and i dont really care about the sponsorship i just love to skate so check out some of my pics hope u like it it is a topside sould and a lil crapy transfer.
Yeah they're AweSOME!! .. except i think we screwed up when we saved 'em ... so if ya want .. send 'em again and i'll fix it .. cool .. Slider


Hi, my name is Dan and I am an aggressive in-line skater. I am 13 years old and I live in Fayetteville, NY. I am in the 8th grade and the best roller blader in my school. I have been to one compatition all ready I came in third place. I would like to go to some big compatitions.

Dan02.gif - 33626 Bytes

I called you about three weaks ago and I talked to a lady that told me to send you pictures and an e-mail. I would like you to put either one of these photos on your web site or both on your web site. I would realy appreciate it if you sponsored me. I have ultra wheels aggressive in-line skates and a roces helmet. In compatitions I would compete in street. please sponsor me. my e-mail address is Thank you for your time. Dan

farf.gif - 16224 Bytes

Hey its my first time ever doing something like this but i got a pic i would like you to post of me doing a farfednuegen, could never spell it right. Anyway just writing to tell you that. Peace P.S. you can cut it down to size to make it fit better on your page

hey im a big fan
Hey. My name is Jesse D. and I've been aggro blading about a year now and I've been on your web sit for a month. I Think its pretty cool that you guys let people put their stuff on your site but too many people want to be sponsored. Its all about soul skating.
This way to Sk8Chat

I'll get right to the point. I was in the news paper a few days ago for the make a wish foundation. I'm not dieing or any thing It's just I live with my sister and Mom. We don't have all that much money to spend in fact IM using AOL on one of those AOL-free disks. A women saw me in the news paper and bought me a new pair of aggro blades. before that I always had to borrow my friends blade but they would get in trouble for it so I stopped. I have nothing to skate on. so if you have a rail in the back of you inventory even if its all bent, or out of date could you send it e-mail me back if so. I'll tell you my address. If you do send it, thank you. If you don't, thanks for considering. skate or die 4 ever Jesse D.
Well the truth is .. we don't get any "bent out of Shape Rails"... gotta admitt .. Hot Rails last forever .. (well at least so far ....) sometimes we leave one @ a park or church or places like that where lotza skaters can use it ....

you might try checkin' out
our New "post it" gig   SWEET SWaP!!
  where peeps can trade or sell for cheap their used gear 'n stuff ....

Familyhandstand.gif - 78814 Bytes

Over on SWEET SWaP!! ya just might find someone who's movin' or or or .... just be careful and check out whomever you might want to deal with .. you know - goes both ways ... but make sure they got a real tel # and address etc etc before sendin' anyone any $$ or you stuff 'cuse we don't have anyway to screen anything or anyone ....

Family158j.gif - 72814 Bytes




please consider sponsering me
if u need more pics i got em

Rad Bro! .. wats yur name? ... where is this? - how old r u? 'n how long have you been sk8ing? ... it's always good to clue us in ... 'keeps things real ...

PeterPeter (left)

hi my name is brady and i was wondering if u could put these pics of me and my friend peter on the site u have Brady

if u put them onwrite me back thanks  (Brady Right)

hotlx2.gif - 8074 Bytes

Hot Linx
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over on
"The WALL" Check 'em out!

!cid_Xxx.gif - 26622 Bytes my name is connor and ive been lookin everywhere to get a sponser and this is a lil sumtin
i just got around to get my lil sis to take pics of me..
if u have any ideas to help me get sponsered email me back at
this is me doing a 360 over a long strech of curb/grass do u like it?

Looks like a solid landing .. get your sis to take some more pics... set it up so that the grass is in the background and have her click the shot when you're still on the way up .. that way you have a good chance of getting the trick. .. and old "Indian" trick is to focus the camera somewhere near the trick zone and then hold it focused and wait for the launch....if you wait to focus while the skater is launching.. you'll already be too late .. i'm thinkin' about having a photo column if anyone's into it .. let me know ....

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