Remember .. The gig here is the Visual .. And .. it's dope .!.! ... NoBody does it better ...

grind4.GIF - 41730 Bytes

Chris Edwards'
burst.gif - 5837 BytesD=Tour 2000burst.gif - 5837 Bytes

What a Gas!
After being rained out Friday night - everyone was psyched to kick it up again Saturday early.
All of the D=Tour Guys and the NYC skaters came out to party and pull some amazing moves..

DJ2.gif - 28904 Bytes

More like a Grass Roots Summer Fest - the Chris Edward's D=Tour has been crossing the country, bringing together Pro Skaters and Music - Bands - DJ's and local skate talent from all over! grind6.GIF - 46634 Bytes

It's one of the only rolling Tours that welcomes the 3 B's where space permits.
The Chelsea Piers would have normally been the ideal place - had the administrative staff been normal people - but they weren't and truthfully - they sucked.

grind5.GIF - 42763 Bytes

Their inability to behave like professional adults who return phone calls and work with clearly stated contracts, was the primary reason that the WASN changed it's up coming Event to Riverside!!

grind10.GIF - 48045 Bytes

It wasn't an easy decision because it caused a last minute ripple effect - leaving the WASN without a title sponsor for their August Event!! as in.. Jump Magazine bailed!
Jump said they were interested in supporting Women's sports .. but as it turns out - they were just into getting exposure on the Pier and - although they "felt bad"..

.. could care less about us!

board.GIF - 32291 Bytes

Hey - It's Ok - Never ditz an opportunity that reveals the truth .. at least you find out who the real players are ..
So the WASN is now booked for Riverside Park - where the staff is human and truly interested in the love of the Extremes.

Mac.gif - 4675 Bytes And Mac Gear - has stepped up and taken title sponsor position from the heart! - They will be awarding the prizes for the winners coming out. Ya gotta give them credit - and everyone should come out and party August 5!!! .. (Right) Kelly Mathews takes the WALL in turn ..
Kelly Mathews

But back to the Pier - despite the Gestapo security bullshit and few other annoying routines - we all had fun anyway and really cut it up!
grind7.GIF - 35417 Bytes

We lucked out with the weather - not too hot - on the water - and a good crowd ...

Jacob Berardi Riding the Phat Board Jacob Berardi Riding the Phat Board ... (Right below)

In between best trick comps - Local Am's lined up with Pro's,

Each hitting the same spot ..
One right after another (like a slide show) ..
empire.GIF - 37793 Bytes

Each getting' a little more air - going from 360's to 720" on the wall ..
back to back grind demo's!

The bands cooked and DJ's were dope.

Graffeti.gif - 45671 Bytes

A Graffiti board finished totally outrageous in NYC style.

Sponsors were giving away product -

Phat Board

We came out with the new

"Phat Board"
prototypes for everyone's 2 cents..
(an Inline Skateboard that rides like a snowboard feel)
.. it looks like they kick some *ss - very Kewl! You should Check 'em out…
grab.GIF - 34102 Bytes

Chris Edwards did some of his famous for

SSsmooooth runs ..

The man is pure budda … always ….

Kelly Mathews

Seriously - if you're lucky enough to be able to come out for a day at a stop near you - ya gotta check it out! Everyone is so cool and friendly..

You get to chat it up - skate - 'n party with the true "Aggro In-crowd" ..

After all ...
We all get up in the morning and put on our skates - one foot at a time!

Hope to catchya there!! .. Slider ..

For the rest of the D=TOUR Schedule Click Here ..-

We sell skates!

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a different kinda "Civilization".....

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